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Sage X Two-Handed Rod

The Sage X Two-Handed Rod is a market leader in quality and performance. The X Two-Handed Rod's Konnetic HD technology makes long casts smooth and easy with the power to turn over large flies and sink tips. The X is our choice when swinging for Steelhead.

Sage Trout Spey HD Fly Rod

The Sage Trout Spey HD fly rod is an amazing rod for swinging small streamers and soft hackle flies for trout. The Trout Spey HD is a smooth fast action rod two-handed fly rod. Excellent stability ideal for spey casting.

Sage Igniter Fly Rod

The Sage Igniter is a powerful rod great for challenging conditions. The Igniter is made for casting heavy flies and heavy lines without sacrificing distance.

Sage Salt HD Fly Rod

The Sage Salt HD fly rod is a powerful fast action saltwater rod. The Salt HD is the perfect fly rod for making quick shots and shooting line further. Great for a wide variety of saltwater species.

Sage X Fly Rod

The Sage X fly rod is the flagship of the Sage line. The X is the highest quality all purpose fly rod. Built with KonneticHD Technology that offers greater recovery for crisper, tighter, more efficient loops.

Sage Trout LL Fly Rod

The Sage Trout LL fly rod is a beautiful moderate action rod. Perfect for delicate and accurate dry fly presentations. This fly rod loads quickly at short distances which makes it a great option for river fishing.

Sage Dart Fly Rod

The Sage Dart is a fast action lightweight fly rod. The Dart is perfect for making precision casts on small water such as mountain streams or alpine lakes. This fly rod loads quickly at short distances with accuracy. Great option for Cascade trout fishin

Sage Sonic Two-Handed Spey/Switch Rod

The SONIC two-handed collection of rods place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic Technology in both of your hands. Its lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing

Sage Maverick Saltwater Fly Rod

The Sage Maverick is a great moderately priced saltwater fly rod. The Maverick has been designed to maximize quick-shot opportunities with a powerful tip section and more robust lower sections, making it easier to fire quick efficient casts.

Sage Payload Fly Rod

The Sage Payload fly rod is built for power. The Payload is a responsive fast action rod with a powerful mid-section. The perfect rod for casting big flies to big fish. A great rod for aggressive species such as pike, musky, and bass.

Sage Foundation Outfit

The Sage Foundation Outfit is our favorite fly fishing combo setup. The Foundation Outfit 6 weight combo with a fighting butt is available exclusively at Gig Harbor Fly Shop.

Sage 3110-4 PULSE Trout Spey Rod 4PC 3WT 11'0"L

The Sage 3110-4 Pulse two-handed rod is a great choice for trout spey. The Pulse's fast action is perfect for casting skagit trout spey lines and swinging trout streamers.

Sage Spectrum Max Fly Reel

The Sage Spectrum Max fly reel is the pinnacle of the Spectrum fly reel line. The Spectrum Max is designed for situations where reel power, strong drag, and fast retrieve are essential. A great reel for fighting large fish.

Sage Pulse Euro Nymphing Fly Rod 10' 3wt

The 3100-4 PULSE is a European-style nymphing rod that allows anglers to fish a variety of long and short line techniques with varying fly sizes. This is a go-to Euro rod.

Sage Spey Reel

The Sage Spey Reel has a great classic look. Featuring a full frame made for using nylon or monofilament running lines, large arbor, and single rotation drag.

Sage Trout Spey Fly Reel

The Sage Trout Spey Fly Reel has a great classic style with Sage's single rotation drag knob. Uniquely weighted for trout spey rods. The Trout Spey Fly Reel is made for shooting thick trout spey lines.

Sage Trout Fly Reel

The Sage Trout fly reel has the classic look with modern features. Sleek and narrow design with Sage's single rotation drag knob. Wide range of sizes available.

Sage Spectrum LT Fly Reel

The Sage Spectrum LT fly reel has a lightweight construction with a smooth powerful drag. The Spectrum LT is a great option for lighter rods, but strong enough for a variety of situations.

Sage Foundation Rod

The Sage Foundation is a great all purpose fly rod. The Foundation is a perfect balance of quality and price. The fast action design is great for performance in any situation.

Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel

The Sage Spectrum C fly reel is an affordable reel with quality features. Cast aluminum frame with a machined aluminum handle and drag knob. Featuring Sage's innovative single rotation drag.

Sage Logo Tee Short Sleeve

The Sage Logo Tee is a comfortable lightweight cotton short sleeve shirt. Simple style and great for any activity.
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